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3D Virtual Tours. How do these tools help you to sell your house?

3D Virtual Tours. How do these tools help you to sell your house?

3D Virtual Tours. How do these tools help you to sell your house?

Feb 22 3D virtual cameras have become a very convenient tool for the Real Estate sector. It is a tool that helps both sellers and buyers so much, as it provides a full and accurate knowledge of a certain property, making buyers become more interested in visiting a property, and thus, giving sellers more chances of selling it. In this article we explain everything about this innovative tool.

3D virtual tours can help you sell your house faster, as it gives the client a better notion of your property, they can see parts like ceiling and floor, and access every room they would like to visit in detail. 3D virtual tours make you feel like you are there in person. Photos just can’t compare to the greatness of a 3D tour. You can even virtually get out of the house and see the structure!

Basically, it allows the user to freely move around the house, turn around, look up and down, to help them get the feeling of what is like to be living in a particular property. But it is not only good for the buyer, it is also very handy for sellers, as it only takes one visit of your realtor, who will do everything for you using just the 3D camera and an iPad.

By providing a 3D virtual tour to potential buyers, you will be not just catching their attention, but also you will get those clients who are really interested to schedule a visit of your property, as it is more likely for buyers to go for the properties they are more sure about.

Another advantage of this tool is the fact that users can view it either from the website on their desktop, or use an iPad or their phones to go over it with just using their fingers. But, what do they see when they access? Well, they will find the structure of the house seen from the outside, they will see the floor plans and then they can decide to step in the house or watch a default tour of your property.

Virtual 3D tours are the most innovative and realistic tool nowadays. Of course, the camera provides high resolution, which allows the buyer to see all the details, it helps them to get immersed in the property.

When buying a new home, one needs to see himself living in it, sharing it with his loved ones and enjoying every single room in the house. That is exactly why this tool is so impressive, just because it helps people feel almost what they would feel at their new home-to-be, and see themselves working, celebrating Christmas, cooking… and helps them picture themselves.

Because when we buy a home we are not just buying a property, we are channeling our inner dreams and ambitions to get the life we have always wanted.

If you want to sell your property or learn more about this tool, do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We can help you sell your house faster!

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