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Tips, data and installers to make your home more “eco friendly”

Tips, data and installers to make your home more “eco friendly”

“Solar energy in Ibiza” equals “Secure investment, revaluation and profit.”

Ibiza has gone from 50 photovoltaic installations in 2018 to 528 installations in 2022, that’s an increase of +956%. And why? Because renewable energies are very profitable in Ibiza. There is an initiative called “Ibiza Energy Start Up” that aims to promote renewable energy projects on the island and make them attractive to investors through a series of incentives that include tax exemptions and other benefits such as access to loans or grants from public institutions such as the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

We must not forget the increase in electricity prices in Spain this year, which will mean one of the most expensive winters in a long time. The increase in the CPI in the Balearics is mainly linked to the rise in the cost of electricity, gas and other fuels, which have risen by 55.5%, followed by accommodation services, which have risen by 32.5%, and package holidays, which have risen by 20.4%. Isn’t that reason enough to start thinking about installing solar panels on your home?

The renewable energy sector has grown rapidly in recent years and is becoming increasingly important as a source of energy for the population. In Spain, this sector has grown from almost nothing to more than 10% of all electricity generation in less than 20 years.

Installed solar photovoltaic electricity capacity in Spain
National electricity system 2015-2022 (In MW)

Reasons in favour of solar energy in Ibiza.

– Installing solar panels is an excellent way to save money and reduce the environmental footprint.

– There is an initial outlay, but it is a medium-term investment.

– The payback period has been reduced from 6-8 years to 3-5 years.

– Although it is a cost that can be seen as high, it is a marginal price compared to the cost of a property.

– You will create enough electricity to rely on the concept of self-consumption.

– The revaluation is incredibly high, it increases the value of a property.

– There are a multitude of Balearic government subsidies from which you can benefit.

By breaking down barriers, solar energy is more accessible than ever.

As mentioned above, in Ibiza alone 478 installations have been made in less than 4 years; this is no coincidence, it is the result of technology advancing by leaps and bounds and this generates huge savings in costs and installation time.

Let’s talk about the main barriers when deciding on this renewable energy:


We have seen a dramatic change in the cost of solar panels, but that’s not all. The price of the complete installation of solar panels and all the necessary accessories has changed a lot in recent years thanks to technological advances.

The main reason is that new materials and techniques have been developed, making it possible to create panels that produce more energy per square metre and last longer. In addition, there are now cheaper options on the market than ever before, making it possible to invest in solar panels without breaking the budget or having to worry about how much the installation will cost.

The price has been able to be halved in the last 2 years, so that today a complete installation can be around €7,000 – €15,000 depending on the needs of the property.


Once upon a time, the installation of solar panels was the exclusive domain of technicians with years of experience in the field. Today, however, it is easier than ever, especially if you live in Ibiza.

As we all know, Ibiza is an island full of sun-drenched beaches and beautiful scenery. But did you also know that it is an island with a growing population that is increasingly concerned about its future? That’s why many people are turning to solar energy as a way to reduce their carbon footprint and generate clean energy.

Now there’s no need to wait for installation teams or spend hours researching companies before choosing a supplier – we’ve done all the hard work for you! In the following list we recommend some providers of this service located on the island of Ibiza:

Solsulet – 722 53 23 93
Camino cuatro cantos POL. 22198, Local 4, 07840 Puig d’en Valls, Balearic Islands
Servicios Palau SL – 971 31 52 15
Carrer del Romaní, 07819 Nuestra Señora de Jesús, Illes Balears

The process to install solar panels on your house includes the application for permits, installation and legalisation of the photovoltaic system, which usually takes between 2 and 3 months, depending on the size of your house.

Benefit from subsidies and save.

The government has decided to grant subsidies for the purchase of panels and maintenance, as well as incentives for the sale and use of the electricity generated by these panels. This decision is intended to encourage more people to install solar panels on their homes or businesses, as well as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

You can find more information for this grant at this link.

The process is very simple, all you have to do is sign up for the programme, wait for them to analyse your proposal and then they will give you back a percentage of your investment depending on the parameters and requirements they have established.

As long as your renovation includes in its budget a percentage destined to the improvement of energy efficiency, including the complete installation of solar panels, you will be eligible for the cancellation of the VAT of the entire renovation work of the property. This can be a very important saving when investing in a property, both because it is money that you stop paying, and because the property will increase in value and the return on investment will be infinitely faster.

Recommendations and conclusions.

We all know that solar energy is the future, and we all know that there are certain barriers that slow us down when we think about installing this technology. What are we waiting for? It has been demonstrated that with the passage of time and the advancement of technology this no longer poses any risk. In addition, we have the incentive of the increase in the price of electricity and the strong ecological footprint that this implies.

From RE/MAX Isla Blanca we want to encourage you, as we find benefits not only for the owners and investors who make the decision to make the installation and the self-consumption that this generates; we see a benefit for everyone at the level of society.

This blog has been possible due to the help of our agent Manuel Castellano Quiroga.

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Thinking of selling? Increase the “interior appeal” of your home

Thinking of selling? Increase the “interior appeal” of your home

Hey! Did you know that 60% of millennials believe that they would be somewhat confident deciding to buy a HOUSE after doing a 3D virtual tour? To add to the dramatic effect, did you know that 99% of millennials and 90% of baby boomers are looking for houses ONLINE?

Your house’s digital presence is EVERYTHING. 

In the post-covid and digitalization era, how your house looks online and, virtual tours have become keys to optimizing the selling process. 

The buying power of millennials is growing faster and faster. Since they are the first generation of digital natives, the presence of your house on the internet and social media has become a key factor in decision-making. 

Feeling excited? In this blog, we will dive into the world of digital marketing for housing and learn about the insight and new trends on this topic. 

Simple and clean style

Like what is said in the textbook of open house: keep it simple and clean! 

By saying keep your open-house simple, it means to have minimum objects shown in the photographs of your property. Also, don’t forget to remove personal objects, like family photos or anything that screams: this was my house. 

And most importantly: keep your house clean with natural light. A clean presence will make the house look much nicer and larger and give a great impression to potential buyers.

Get a clear shot of your property 

Consider the placement of your furniture and how they appear in your camera.

Feel free to redecorate your house to make the selfie of your property look nice. Take test photos and videos to ensure that your furniture is in place. 

Let the professionals work their magic 

Finding and paying for professional photographers is the best investment you could make for your property.

Hire a photographer specialized in shooting houses for 3D virtual tours and let them work their magic. You can ask your agent for recommendations for this type of photographer and other great suggestions to help you with this process. 

Maybe virtual staging?

Virtual staging is a cool technology that can digitally add furnishings to your space.

Several useful and professional online services can help you with virtual staging. From the ideas of professional interior designers to crafting your own digital furnishing, you can find these great tools on the internet. 

Download now our home staging free guide.

3D virtual tour, new trend!

3D virtual tour is a must-have feature for boosting your selling process.

The 3D virtual tour creates sensation of visiting the house online, which provides a better experience for potential buyers. In summary, a 3D virtual tour makes your house more real online. 

Creative description 

Words have special impacts; creative and attractive descriptions of your house will take your house’s appeal to the next level.

Do this by starting with a brief but creative description of your house, then guide the potential buyers through the house with your words. Try mentioning some brands of furniture (especially when they are luxury!), and the biggest advantage of your house (great zone, near transportation, friendly neighbours, great skyline view, etc). 

Share your home on the internet 

Now you are all set! With one click, you can share your offer with all the world! So don’t hesitate to do it.

Not only should your property be on housing platforms, but it should also be on social media, like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. 

Congratulations! You have learned some great ways to boost your home’s screen appeal. Apply your knowledge to practice, and you will get a better result than expected. 

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Apartments in Ibiza town: tips for choosing the ideal one

Apartments in Ibiza town: tips for choosing the ideal one

When we buy a flat, our ultimate satisfaction depends on how much attention we pay to our buying strategy.

It is common for people to venture into buying a property with great enthusiasm, but after the complications that can (and will) arise, the experience becomes stressful. So what to consider when buying a flat in Ibiza Town? At RE/MAX Isla Blanca we have decided to publish some great and easy to put into practice tips for buying a flat in Ibiza.


Always remember that the price of a property can never exceed the sum of the amount of your mortgage loan plus the savings you specified for it. This is an obvious message, but we have noticed that when many people buy flats in Ibiza Town, they end up exceeding this amount because they are deluded by the illusion of a flat that meets all their expectations.

Now, how much mortgage do you have to ask for? It is important to note that when you buy a flat in Ibiza, do not exceed 40% of your monthly income. Add to this the additional costs which can mean paying an additional 8% to 12% of the sale price of the property. Up to 40% of your monthly income will be the “ideal monthly payment” for your mortgage.

In our opinion, the first tip for buying a flat in Ibiza is this, because living comfortably will allow you to make the most of your investment.


In general, the total cost of buying a property in Ibiza can range between 8% and 12% of the purchase price, including the following:

– Taxes: ITP 8-11% or 10% VAT + 1.5% written court action fee.

– Mortgage cost: 0% (from the new mortgage law) or 0,5% of the mortgage loan amount (if you hire a mortgage broker).

– Lawyer/consultant fee: 1%.

– Notary and land registry fees: 0.1 % – 0.5 % (or less)

– Bank charges: various

The exact numbers and variations can be found in our buyer’s guide.


The city is widely known for its World Heritage Site, divided into Dalt Vila (Old Town) and the modern extension of Eixample. In addition, Ibiza has two popular beaches, Talamanca and Figueretas, just a few minutes’ drive from the VIP area of Marina Botafoch, which brings together luxury frontline flats and penthouses. As you can see, Ibiza Town has countless areas and neighbourhoods in which to live, but there are some additional factors to consider:

Emotional factors (closeness to parents, relatives, friends, “lifelong” neighbourhood…) and objective factors (price of the area, transport, parking, green areas, shopping centres, city services…) come into play when choosing an area to live in.

Both are important and must be weighed up when buying a flat in Ibiza.

As for the objective criteria, you should evaluate the following:

– Access to your workplace and the transport available in the area. This can save a lot of time and money.

– Shops, food services and entertainment facilities.

– Health services.

– Schools, colleges and kindergartens.

– Easy area to park a vehicle.

– Recreational areas, outdoor activities and sports facilities.


When buying a property in Ibiza, the following documents are required before signing the title deeds:

– Original DNI or passport

– Original NIE/TIE (common foreigner identification number and tax identification number)

– Bank cheque or proof of bank transfer. According to payment conditions. According to payment conditions.

– Spanish bank account details

– Receipt of payment already made.


Information about the real estate market is readily available nowadays as people are better equipped to find data and compare.

If you can invest enough time for such an important investment, if you are choosing the most reliable sources of information, if your negotiation skills are fine-tuned, if you have the right tools and professional training to deal with each situation on your own, you can choose to buy the property outright.

If your answers to these questions are: “No, the truth is that I can’t dedicate the necessary time to buy a flat in Ibiza”, “I don’t know where to get real information about the market”… then we recommend that you do not hesitate to seek professional help.

At RE/MAX Isla Blanca we will never close ourselves to a free consultancy, so… Take advantage of it! We can advise you and help you find the ideal property in Ibiza town. We can assure you that with us you will save time and money, we are the best option on the island.

Our telephone number is +34 871 51 50 15, we are waiting for your call.

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Sell your house in record time with REMAX Isla Blanca

Sell your house in record time with REMAX Isla Blanca

We are at the end of August, and from RE/MAX Isla Blanca we hope you have enjoyed a good and relaxing holiday. At the moment, the value of properties in Ibiza is at its peak, so if you are considering selling your property, now is the right time! So, are you interested in selling your property? 

You are not alone when it comes to selling your house! At RE/MAX Isla Blanca we want to help you with this process. Thanks to the help of our professional agents and qualified staff in our office we can guarantee that your house will be sold at the best price and in the shortest possible time.

That’s right, we take less time to sell your house compared to the time it would take other estate agents, with an average time of less than five months. Here is a list of the last properties we have sold and the time it took us to do so.

Sold in 2 months 30 days Sold in 3 months 8 days
Sold in 2 days Sold in 2 months 23 days

If you are considering selling your house in Ibiza or Formentera, you can click on the following link where, by filling out a simple form, one of our RE/MAX Isla Blanca agents will contact you for a free valuation of your property.

In addition, once you fill in the form you will access our portal for property sellers, where you can find complete information about the tools we use to get the most out of your property.

These are the values that we can contribute from RE/MAX Isla Blanca to achieve your maximum benefit:

• We are a trusted company and the RE/MAX name is known worldwide.

• We collaborate with other local and international real estate agencies to have a larger portfolio of potential clients.

• We carry out Home Staging or decoration actions, so your house will look amazing for the photos.

• We have the latest technology in 3D virtual tours. We are the only agency in Ibiza that has it.

• We will organise the best campaigns and advertisements on social networks and portals to sell your property in the shortest possible time.

• If you want to get fast results, we have the solution.

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Houses with swimming pool in Ibiza: best tips for its maintenance

Houses with swimming pool in Ibiza: best tips for its maintenance

At RE/MAX Isla Blanca we know how important it can be to have a swimming pool in your home, especially if we are talking about Ibiza, where in many months of the year the temperatures are ideal to enjoy a refreshing swim in your private pool, or to keep fit doing swimming activities.

But, you may ask yourself, is it easy to keep a pool in Ibiza in perfect condition? How much of my personal time will I spend looking after it?

In this blog we want to help you and show you possible solutions. On the one hand, if you decide to take care of the pool yourself, we will show you the right concepts and tips to keep it in perfect condition; on the other hand, if you do not have time to maintain it or need help when you are away from your pool, at the end of this blog we will show list specialists on the island for the maintenance of your pool in Ibiza.


For this reason, we want to show you the best tips for the maintenance of your pool, because if you have a pool in your home and you do not take care of it, it can become very unhealthy for you and your family because it can become a focus of bacteria and fungi. With the following concepts you will be able to enjoy a totally clean and safe pool:

1. Get the basic pool care tools.

Here is a list of materials and tools that you can use as a shopping list:

• Leaf catcher.

• Chlorine and pH test kit.

• Anti-algae.

• Chlorine.

• Flocculant.

• pH increaser and pH reducer.

2. Clean the walls and bottom of your pool.

This is one of the main steps before refilling the pool, but it is also important to clean the walls and bottom every 15-25 days to avoid debris or algae.

3. Use the leaf catcher daily.

Collect any dirt and leaves that may have fallen on the surface of your pool every day. By doing this you will be able to keep insects at bay and it is very effective when it comes to enjoying your pool without any problems.

4. Regulates the pH value of the water.

In addition to cleaning the water, another daily task is to measure the pH and chlorine levels thanks to the kit mentioned above. Immerse it in your pool water and check the levels it shows you:

• The correct pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.6.

• The chlorine level should be between 0.5 and 1 parts per million in the water.

To achieve these levels, you can use products such as pH increaser, pH reducer, or slow/fast acting chlorine tablets.

5. Use anti-algae weekly and flocculant every two weeks.

In order to protect the transparent colour of the water, use the anti-algae agent weekly by pouring the liquid into the water of your pool, the quantity varies depending on the volume of water in your pool.

In addition, to prevent the water from becoming cloudy, use flocculant every 10-15 days.

6. Keep the filter clean.

Try to keep clean the main motor that makes your pool look perfect. The filter and its filter is an essential part of pool maintenance, so check monthly that everything is in excellent condition.

We hope these tips have helped you, and that you can enjoy your pool with your family for as long as possible!


If you are away from your pool and can’t maintain it yourself once a week, you could consider hiring a professional to come regularly to maintain your pool. Prices depend on the location, frequency and size of the pool, but are usually in the region of €60 – €120 per month.

If this is your case, at RE/MAX Isla Blanca we have compiled a list of the best cleaning services on the island of Ibiza based on customer reviews:
4,7 – 17 Google reviews
Sant Antoni de Portmany
4,3 – 14 Google reviews
5,0 – 5 Google reviews
San Carlos de Peralta
4,3 – 12 Google reviews

Do not hesitate to contact one of these specialists in case you do not have enough time to take care of your pool.

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New trends 2022. How will the Ibiza real estate market evolve?

New trends 2022. How will the Ibiza real estate market evolve?

As we embrace the arrival of the Spring season in Ibiza, there is a real air of anticipation abounding across the island as the season is starting earlier than ever this year with April seeing many of the most iconic beachclubs in Ibiza and much loved restaurants open their doors to welcome eager visitors.

It’s also a truly exciting time to buy real estate in Ibiza, or equally to choose to sell your Ibiza property. As the market rises, we take an in depth look at the latest real estate marketing trends and what we can expect to see this summer.

Here at Remax Isla Blanca,  we are delighted to have been experiencing a consistent stream of enquiries, not only from existing, loyal clients  but from new and welcomed clients. These enquiries relate to both the purchase of houses for sale in Ibiza, and from those looking to sell.  The Ibiza real estate market is renowned for its resilience ,and most certainly, a property purchase in Ibiza is regarded as a very viable investment, especially in this volatile world we find ourselves in.

One positive thing to come out of the pandemic is the realisation that many people can indeed work efficiently from home, and if one were to choose a location, why not Ibiza! For many professionals, the attraction of being able to continue to build their business, and watch their family grow in such an idyllic location is a real and achievable attraction and a noticeable change in Spanish property market trends.

When looking for properties to serve as an office space from home, natural lights are a very important factor, and as the weather in Ibiza blesses us with an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, this is something that many of our properties for sale in Ibiza benefit from and for this reason make them an attractive prospect and we expect this to continue as one of the real estate trends of 2022.

Ibiza has long been a haven for people from across the globe who are drawn by the island’s inimitable allure. One property market trend which we are certain will continue is a colourful mix of buyers and sellers of every nationality imaginable, all of whom bring their colourful flair to the international community we embrace here in Ibiza. Whether you are looking to buy or sell your ideal property in Ibiza, look no further than Remax Isla Blanca. Contact us now if you are interested in the Ibiza property market.

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Seller Campaign

Sellers Market: NOW is the best time to sell your house!

Sellers Market: NOW is the best time to sell your house!

Here at Remax Isla Blanca, this is a very important time of year  for…. Sellers! Why, you may ask, is this such a critically important time for sellers? The answer is simple, over the years, the market has shown that late winter and early spring is the best time to sell a house in Ibiza.

The reason for this is that many prospective buyers are keen to buy a property in Ibiza in time for the summer season and in today’s market, there are not many property sellers, meaning that your house for sale in Ibiza is a highly coveted asset!

So, selling your home should be easy, considering the demand in the present market, but there are of course ways you can be proactive in making sure your house for sale in Ibiza stands out from the crowd.

Let’s think about tips for selling your house which could potentially increase your chances to see your house faster.


Our team of experienced real estate agents have your very best interest at heart and from the moment you list your property with Remax Isla Blanca – you can be assured that you are in the very next, experienced hands. Our agents study the market and their intrinsic knowledge of the island and her nuances give them the ability to guide you to the perfect price point for your property for sale in Ibiza, making it both attractive to buyers and ensure maximum profitability for you as a seller.


Photos are incredibly important when making sure that your vanilla for sale in Ibia stands out from the rest on our listings. Our agents will work with you to ensure that you have the highest quality, professional images to attract buyers. 

When you have viewings, it’s imperative to ensure that your house looks its very best. Simple things such as ensuring all beds are dressed, the property is clean and inviting and that the gardens are well maintained can all go a long way to enticing a buyer to fall in love with your property and see your house faster!


Selling your property in Ibiza with just one agency creates a win-win situation. You are instructing an agent who will fully commit their time, resources and expertise into ensuring your villa for sale in Ibiza is their top priority. Our experienced team offer a professional and polished service helping you to sell your house faster.

 If you want to sell your house in Ibiza, NOW is the best time!

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Consumption of household appliances in a house

Consumption of household appliances in a house

The Energy Efficiency label (EEE) that measures the scale of the consumption of an electrical appliance, has changed since last March 1, 2021, and with this, the categories A +++, A ++ and A + will no longer exist.

Consequently, appliances that were labeled A +++ will move to category C, while products currently marked with the A + label will change to yellow and the letter “D”.

This shows that the new system is much stricter, but it does not mean that these appliances have deteriorated, what it means is that achieving the maximum score is now much stricter and only available to very few today. This is expected to improve in the coming years.

From the European Commission it was proposed to review, optimize and simplify the labeling returning to the labels that go from “A” to “G”. Since March of this year, this labeling is mandatory only for dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines and will gradually be extended to other appliances.

Here are the devices that currently consume the most:

1.- Refrigerator

It never disconnects, so it is the one that consumes the most. According to Red Eléctrica de España (REE), the refrigerator represents 14% of the total energy in the home, which translates into an annual cost of € 26.02.

2.- TV

We spend too much time in front of this device, according to Statista data, in 2020 we Spaniards spent an average of 4 hours watching television, and this reaches an energy consumption of up to 10%. Not leaving it on standby when not in use is the most effective measure to save some energy.

3.- Washing machine

A family of four that puts four washing machines a week on average will be facing an annual expense of € 38.92 for using this appliance. The most interesting thing is that 80% of the expense of the washing machine occurs when heating the water, which is why it is so important to wash clothes at a low temperature to control this consumption

4.- Dryer

The dryer outperforms the washing machine in consumption. If on average a family puts four dryers a week, they will pay around € 46.95 per year. The advice to reduce the consumption of this appliance is that the clothes arrive as less wet as possible, that is, spin well in the washing machine.

5.- Oven

It is not lacking in almost any home, but its consumption reaches up to € 22.47 per year since heat generation is what consumes the most electricity in an appliance. Therefore, the trick to save is to take good advantage of the residual heat and turn off the oven during the last minutes of cooking a dish and avoid opening the door while it works so that no heat comes out.

6.- Dishwasher

History repeats itself, what makes the dishwasher use more energy is heating the water. A family with four members will spend around € 23.63 per year. The saving tips in this case are to use the ECO program that all dishwashers have today, clean filters and do proper maintenance.

7.- Small appliances

All the small appliances that generate heat, such as the microwave, the coffee maker, the vacuum cleaner or the iron are those that produce the most consumption. These small electrical appliances, according to RED ELÉCTRICA DE ESPAÑA, represent 27% of the total energy expenditure of a home.

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From the moment you decide to put your house up for sale, there are a series of steps that you must follow, but if there is a necessary first action that you must do and we know a lot about this, it is to carry out an Appraisal.

Appraising your house is nothing more than an evaluation to determine its real value, to know how much we can sell it for. This appraisal must be carried out by a qualified professional, we have a professional team that is in charge of doing it, issuing a document, in order to fix the value of your home, following established criteria.

It is valid for six months and a cost that must be borne by the customer, which is usually around € 400 approximately.

There are several reasons apart from the purchase and sale, to carry out an appraisal, for example:

· Commercial negotiations

Marital division and inheritances

Dissolution or distribution of businesses


Granting of mortgages

Having this document will allow the bank to establish the amount that they will be able to finance a potential buyer, although normally it does not usually exceed 80% of the appraisal value.

To carry out a fair appraisal, there are several stipulated and regulated factors on which the appraiser must rely.

These factors are common to all homes, regardless of the appraiser who carries them out, and are as follows:

-The location of the house will allow us to know the market value of the area.

Carry out a study of the area, evaluating the schools that are nearby, if public transport arrives, nearby hospitals, commercial premises … in our case, the properties we have.

-The state in which the house is located.

Analyze if there is any damage to the structure, any damage to the construction materials, maintenance and their age (the older, the lower the value).

-The size.

The total area, the distribution, the number of rooms and bathrooms, as well as the rooms available must be taken into account. We have homes of all sizes.

-Energy efficiency.

Based on the official energy certificate that the house has, the price to be registered is higher or lower. The higher the energy certification, the higher the valuation you will get.

Therefore, if you are thinking of selling your house, you should come and we will advise you on everything that concerns the appraisal, our professionals will visit your house, make a plan and take pictures of it, we will verify that the registry property is correct and that There is no urban illegality, to finally put a real price on your home. Do not hesitate and visit us.

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If you are the owner of a home, which is unoccupied, surely you have considered on many occasions (and if not, it is time) to get an extra return. When you have finally decided to rent that house that you have empty, we know that many fears arise about what will happen if the tenant does not pay me, if there are damages in the house, if there is any breach of the contract … It is normal that generate those doubts and fears, because nowadays, many cases are heard in which the rent does not go as the owner would have wanted.

Therefore, we are going to guide you so that the rental of your home is done in a safe and quiet way.

First of all, you have to establish what is the starting price that you want to put on your home. You must do a study to find out what situation the real estate market is in for rent. We propose you to make a comparison of the prices in homes similar to yours and in the area in which it is located, in order to offer a price as adjusted as possible, to be able to compete with the rest of properties that are in the same situation as yours. A reasonable price makes it more attractive and increases the likelihood that your house will be rented.

The next thing is, pay close attention to who you want to rent your house. You will have to make a careful selection of the tenant, to avoid future problems. Do not hesitate to request all the possible data of the person concerned, to check their solvency, even if necessary, do some research on them to make sure they are the correct person. To do this, you must ask for the DNI and a work contract or payroll, to see their job stability. You can request, for your peace of mind, additional guarantees, such as, for example, in addition to a deposit, claim one or two monthly payments in advance and even a guarantee, personal (that another person guarantees the tenant’s payments) or bank (that a financial institution, respond to possible outstanding debts). Of course, we can assure you that the perfect tenant does not exist, you must take it into account.

Another aspect to assess to guarantee your peace of mind is that the tenant takes out insurance for non-payments or damage to the home, thus covering any unforeseen event that may arise during the duration of the rental contract.

We advise you to carry out the entire deal, face to face, so you can know first-hand what that interested person is like and begin to create a relationship between tenant and owner, that for the good of both, it lasts over time. For that, you must also respond as a landlord, to all the obligations that correspond to you, because having a happy tenant will make them more careful and responsible.

Make sure that the house is in perfect condition and make the tenant understand that, as far as possible, it remains as you have left it, if it happens that they have to leave your home, at the end of the contract.

Finally, you must write a good contract, which clearly states the rental conditions, from the price to the duration, including the responsibilities that correspond to both parties and their possible consequences in the event of non-compliance. Even do an inventory and take pictures of how the house is before the rental, to compare it when the tenant leaves.

We recommend that you put yourself in the hands of professionals like us, to carry out all these procedures. We will advise and manage the entire process in a personalized way, listening to your needs and treating the possible tenant, in a close way. Drafting the contract so that both parties benefit and reach a satisfactory agreement that is long-lasting, for the good of both.

Do not hesitate and visit us. I waited for you

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