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Consumption of household appliances in a house

Consumption of household appliances in a house

The Energy Efficiency label (EEE) that measures the scale of the consumption of an electrical appliance, has changed since last March 1, 2021, and with this, the categories A +++, A ++ and A + will no longer exist.

Consequently, appliances that were labeled A +++ will move to category C, while products currently marked with the A + label will change to yellow and the letter “D”.

This shows that the new system is much stricter, but it does not mean that these appliances have deteriorated, what it means is that achieving the maximum score is now much stricter and only available to very few today. This is expected to improve in the coming years.

From the European Commission it was proposed to review, optimize and simplify the labeling returning to the labels that go from “A” to “G”. Since March of this year, this labeling is mandatory only for dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines and will gradually be extended to other appliances.

Here are the devices that currently consume the most:

1.- Refrigerator

It never disconnects, so it is the one that consumes the most. According to Red Eléctrica de España (REE), the refrigerator represents 14% of the total energy in the home, which translates into an annual cost of € 26.02.

2.- TV

We spend too much time in front of this device, according to Statista data, in 2020 we Spaniards spent an average of 4 hours watching television, and this reaches an energy consumption of up to 10%. Not leaving it on standby when not in use is the most effective measure to save some energy.

3.- Washing machine

A family of four that puts four washing machines a week on average will be facing an annual expense of € 38.92 for using this appliance. The most interesting thing is that 80% of the expense of the washing machine occurs when heating the water, which is why it is so important to wash clothes at a low temperature to control this consumption

4.- Dryer

The dryer outperforms the washing machine in consumption. If on average a family puts four dryers a week, they will pay around € 46.95 per year. The advice to reduce the consumption of this appliance is that the clothes arrive as less wet as possible, that is, spin well in the washing machine.

5.- Oven

It is not lacking in almost any home, but its consumption reaches up to € 22.47 per year since heat generation is what consumes the most electricity in an appliance. Therefore, the trick to save is to take good advantage of the residual heat and turn off the oven during the last minutes of cooking a dish and avoid opening the door while it works so that no heat comes out.

6.- Dishwasher

History repeats itself, what makes the dishwasher use more energy is heating the water. A family with four members will spend around € 23.63 per year. The saving tips in this case are to use the ECO program that all dishwashers have today, clean filters and do proper maintenance.

7.- Small appliances

All the small appliances that generate heat, such as the microwave, the coffee maker, the vacuum cleaner or the iron are those that produce the most consumption. These small electrical appliances, according to RED ELÉCTRICA DE ESPAÑA, represent 27% of the total energy expenditure of a home.

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