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Homebound by Covid-19, what next?

Homebound by Covid-19, what next?

Homebound by COVID 19, what next?

Mar 25
We have already been confined at home for more than a week since the Government announced by Decree Rea this measure as an essential way to stop the expansion of the Coronavirus. And in the face of this new situation for everyone, many wonder how to make these days more bearable at home. Some people are alone, others as a couple, others are entire families with young children to be entertained.

The main thing is to keep busy and have a ritual for all members of the family. A healthy diet, doing some sports and being connected with friends and family are three necessary habits that we must all adopt and this confinement will make us more bearable.
Today we want to leave you links to some websites and applications to exercise at home. Different options are depending on the tastes and physical shape of each person.

YOGA for beginners

We have the Pocket Yoga app, both for Android and IOS and a YouTube channel where you can follow the class live: CanalBienestar.

SPORT for children

The little ones also need physical activity and more these days that they can’t go outside to play with their friends. On YouTube there is a channel with videos for them, parents and children can practice it together: Activa, your home gym /


Not all of us are lucky enough with home gym machines or tools. But it is not an excuse for not doing some sport, a few bottles of water, carafes or tetra bricks will help you to use them as weight and to be able to do some exercises. You just need to follow Kayla Itsines classes in its app is called Sweet Kayla Itsines Fitness.

To follow a guided class, the YouTube channel VITONICA will show you a complete class of functional exercises without machines.

CROSSFIT at home

That’s right, there are also options for lovers of this discipline who are locked up these days. If the most intense sport suits you, follow the CrossFit classes that various trainers offer you. No EXCUSES TRAINING is the youtube channel to train this sport adapted to any type of home, be it a small apartment with little space to a large house. There are no excuses!

We also have the ADRIAN FIT channel where you will see him at home doing the exercises with you at the same time. In a square of just two square meters, it can take you to the maximum.

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