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How to prevent heat from escaping from inside your home.

How to prevent heat from escaping from inside your home.

We are cold and we all like to have a warm environment inside our homes.

But from RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza, we know that for this to be possible, we must prevent the heat from escaping from home.

In addition to the warmth, it is also convenient to pay attention to the energy and economic savings that you will not waste the heat you have inside the house.

At RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza we know different ways to prevent the heat from escaping from home and it is that with a few simple acts, you will see how you achieve it.

· A good resource is to place rugs in different rooms of the house. Something that may seem so insignificant, will bring a warm touch to your home, making it not lose temperature through the floor, since with poor insulation between 5% and 10% of heat can escape. The model, the colour and the material will depend on your tastes.

· If you need to paint your house, you can opt for thermal paint, capable of forming a layer of insulation that will allow you to save on heating.

· From RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza we also recommend insulating your walls using corks and natural resins, which, in addition to the cold, isolate acoustically. Another option in terms of walls is to install a wooden baseboard, which will prevent the temperature from going through the walls, which is usually around 20% heat.

We move on to textiles. As with rugs, a good sofa cover will make the feeling of being warmer even more noticeable. To this must be added having a pair of sofa blankets on hand that allows you to cover yourself at any given moment. As for the bedrooms, for you to notice a warm atmosphere, you should use warm sheets and use a duvet, which will prevent you from losing the feeling of heat that it gives you while you sleep.

From RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza we recommend you not to forget the windows, one of the main escape routes from the heat. A bad choice of both the windows and the glass will make you lose between 25% and 30% of the heat, so you should choose PVC windows that are the ones that protect the most from the cold and possibly they are hinged, since that its closure is more hermetic than the slides.

In addition, add a thick glass that lets in the outside heat and prevents a temperature leak.

Finally, good curtains to dress these windows will considerably reduce heat loss.

If you follow these tips that we have given you from RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza, you can enjoy total warmth throughout the cold season.

For any real estate questions that may arise at any time, contact us and we will be at your disposal.

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