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Jan 11 RE/MAX España is the best rated brand by Spaniards, among 11 real estate brands involved in this study, doubling the score obtained by the brand placed in 2nd position.

Madrid, January 2016. RE/MAX España, the leading international franchise sales network, has been chosen as the best rated real estate brand in our country by “Elección del consumidor”. “Elección del consumidor” is a brand evaluation and classification system based on satisfaction and acceptance generated among consumers, with the sole purpose of determining satisfaction and acceptability degree in relation to a product or service, by helping customers to make a purchase or get an optimal service.

After its success in Portugal “Elección del consumidor” arrived to Spain in 2014 and focused on the products and services universe available in the market. Then, in 2015 this seal of quality analyzed consumer’s opinions about real estate services, when RE/MAX España was the best rated real estate brand by Spaniards, among 11 that have been involved in this study, doubling the score obtained by the brand placed in 2nd position.

Among the most remarkable results obtained by “Consumer Choice” within the real estate segment, it is worth highlighting the five most valued attributes by Spaniards regarding the services offered by a real estate agency: 1. Agents, their credibility and market knowledge; 2. Complete description of properties and areas; 3. Property portfolio (quantity and variety): 4. Follow-up process; 5. Transparency in Agent’s Fees.

At the time of the analysis, “Elección del consumidor” has taken a total of 2,144 people living in Spain, men and women, between ages of 18 and 65 as a sample. The evaluation process, carried out from July to September 2015, comprised four phases: Closed questions questionnaire development, made by ConsumerCoiche-Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Center and Netsonda Group, Identification of key attributes for consumers (Focus Group Online methodology), listing of the most valued attributes; which once established and classified, conducted to the evaluation of brands through ‘mystery shopping’, analyzing attention to phone calls and visits made to real estate offices by false clients.

In the case of RE/MAX España, 30 offices were sampled throughout the country and chosen at random by “Elección del consumidor”, and as a consequence RE/MAX España was ranked as the best rated brand by consumers in our country.

A result obtained thanks to, among many other aspects, exhaustive market studies conducted by our agents, with the intention of getting a correct valuation of the real estate, in order to sell it at the best price and at the shortest time possible. Another aspect of credibility and trust is exclusive work. At RE/MAX, we only capture exclusive properties, the reason why our agents have a properties portfolio to work on in a constant and customized way. This exclusive work makes agents absolutely responsible for selling their portfolio of houses and combining all necessary efforts to position them and thus locate the ideal buyer.

Another aspect to take into account is the fact that each RE/MAX agent has an average of 15-20 properties captured exclusively, being able to ensure the service your property deserves. This way, the agent assures the selling client that a complete and exhaustive description of the property will be displayed on RE/MAX’s website, as well as on most recognized real estate portals in Spain, where there will not be lack of information about property typology, location, general description – which includes characteristics of the house in which you are interested, household dwelling (in order to avoid unpleasant surprises), as well as area description.

It is pertinent to mention the section dedicated to fees, the 5th most valued aspect by consumers in a real estate agency. For that matter, it is worth noting that our agents only charge their fees if they have achieved the expected results, i.e., in the event that there has been no sale or rent, the customer will never make any payment. Without final surprises and making everything very clear from the beginning: fees ranges between 4% and 6% of the final price of sale; An amount that is assumed by selling customers, since they are the people who have worked with our agent.

Certainly, these are very positive results which emphasize the comprehensive work and professionalism of more than 1,600 RE/MAX agents which work in Spain.

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