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RE/MAX Isla Blanca Helps Clean Up The World

RE/MAX Isla Blanca Helps Clean Up The World

RE/MAX Isla Blanca Helps Clean Up The World

Aug 30 On September 15, 2018, RE/MAX Isla Blanca will do its part to clean up the world by participating in World Cleanup Day Ibiza. In fact Ibiza is the only place in Spain that is doing this action and we hope that many places will follow.

World Clean Up Day is a day of civic action that involves 150 countries and millions of volunteers.  The goal is to combat solid waste and marine debris with a united, global effort, while raising global awareness of environmental cleanup and protection.

While World Cleanup Day is a 24-hour event, the purpose of the day is to raise global awareness of illegal littering and dumping and to encourage us all to do our part each and every day to keep our planet clean. This year organizers have would like to engage 5% of the world’s population in the cleanup effort.

World Clean Up Day evolved out of a grassroots movement that started in Estonia to promote global cleanup efforts. In 2006, an Estonian organization called Let’s Do It was able to mobilize over 50,000 volunteers to participate in a one-day, country-wide cleanup effort. In one day, the volunteers managed to eliminate 10,000 tons of waste. As a result of Let’s Do Its success, the movement spread rapidly and evolved into the global effort known today as World Clean Up Day.

It is amazing to see the positive impact that a concerted cleanup effort can have on our environment. It is so easy for us to forget that despite our many differences, we are part of the global community. We all share the same air, oceans, and ecosystem and when the world comes together for a common purpose we can make a massive difference. For example, for every plastic bag that is cleaned up approximately 20 grams of harmful plastic is removed from our environment.

The event will begin in New Zealand and continue across the globe as a “green wave” until it reaches Hawaii. By the end of the day organizers hope to have changed the world.

RE/MAX Isla Blanca is joining the hundreds of millions of volunteers to clean up the planet. The team will work with others across the island to eliminate waste, trash and other debris. Ibiza is a beautiful island and RE/MAX Isla Blanca is going to do its part to keep it beautiful and to change the world on World Clean Up Day Ibiza 2018.

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