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What is Home Staging and why is it so important when selling your property?

What is Home Staging and why is it so important when selling your property?

Increasingly, in the real estate world you hear this expression, HOME STAGING, and it is that the competition between agencies and real estate agents is so overwhelming that you have to make a difference.

If an agent gives you this service, it will consist of decorating your home in a more attractive way with regard to photos, video and 3D tours, which will make selling your home easier.

The first impression is what counts, and this first impression is taken by buyers when they see a property published on a portal. It only takes about 20 seconds to view the photos to have the first impression defined. So, it is essential to take care of that moment.

And we go beyond photos, real estate experts agree that in the first 90 seconds of a visit, the buyer already knows roughly whether or not they like a home.

At RE / MAX Isla Blanca, we do Home Staging. Thanks to this, we get more interested parties and, therefore, more visits to the house. With this technique, we prepare the home by eliminating the owner’s most personal objects, such as photos, and we add objects in neutral colors that follow the latest trends in decoration. The furniture is redistributed to lighten the spaces and make them “cleaner” and of course, emphasis is placed on the different lighting points.

 In this way, we give the house a more renewed air, which attracts potential buyers and when they enter, they feel comfortable, in what would be “their home”.

According to the AHSE (Association of Home Staging Spain), in 2018, 60% of homes with Home Staging that were sold did so between 5% and 25% more than their initial value. And even more interesting, none were sold below the asking price.

In which specific cases is it more interesting to do Home Staging?

• If we are in a hurry to sell the house.

• If the house has been on the market for a long time and we cannot sell. We will do a rethinking of the image of the property.

• Provided that our floor does not present serious flaws or structural damage.

• If our house is empty. We can bring it to life with furniture and decoration objects quickly and without spending a lot of money for photos and videos.

• If it is a home that is too old and the decoration and furniture is decades old.

• If the house is of high standing. Highly recommended. Clients looking for a luxury apartment like to see the home with modern details that reflect their lifestyle.

If you plan to sell your property, keep these tips in mind.

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