Rent your house safely

If you are the owner of a home, which is unoccupied, surely you have considered on many occasions (and if not, it is time) to get an extra return. When you have finally decided to rent that house that you have empty, we know that many fears arise about what will happen if the tenant does not pay me, if there are damages in the house, if there is any breach of the contract ... It is normal that generate those doubts and fears, because nowadays, many cases are heard in which the rent does not go as the owner would have wanted.

Therefore, we are going to guide you so that the rental of your home is done in a safe and quiet way.

First of all, you have to establish what is the starting price that you want to put on your home. You must do a study to find out what situation the real estate market is in for rent. We propose you to make a comparison of the prices in homes similar to yours and in the area in which it is located, in order to offer a price as adjusted as possible, to be able to compete with the rest of properties that are in the same situation as yours. A reasonable price makes it more attractive and increases the likelihood that your house will be rented.

The next thing is, pay close attention to who you want to rent your house. You will have to make a careful selection of the tenant, to avoid future problems. Do not hesitate to request all the possible data of the person concerned, to check their solvency, even if necessary, do some research on them to make sure they are the correct person. To do this, you must ask for the DNI and a work contract or payroll, to see their job stability. You can request, for your peace of mind, additional guarantees, such as, for example, in addition to a deposit, claim one or two monthly payments in advance and even a guarantee, personal (that another person guarantees the tenant's payments) or bank (that a financial institution, respond to possible outstanding debts). Of course, we can assure you that the perfect tenant does not exist, you must take it into account.

Another aspect to assess to guarantee your peace of mind is that the tenant takes out insurance for non-payments or damage to the home, thus covering any unforeseen event that may arise during the duration of the rental contract.

We advise you to carry out the entire deal, face to face, so you can know first-hand what that interested person is like and begin to create a relationship between tenant and owner, that for the good of both, it lasts over time. For that, you must also respond as a landlord, to all the obligations that correspond to you, because having a happy tenant will make them more careful and responsible.

Make sure that the house is in perfect condition and make the tenant understand that, as far as possible, it remains as you have left it, if it happens that they have to leave your home, at the end of the contract.

Finally, you must write a good contract, which clearly states the rental conditions, from the price to the duration, including the responsibilities that correspond to both parties and their possible consequences in the event of non-compliance. Even do an inventory and take pictures of how the house is before the rental, to compare it when the tenant leaves.

We recommend that you put yourself in the hands of professionals like us, to carry out all these procedures. We will advise and manage the entire process in a personalized way, listening to your needs and treating the possible tenant, in a close way. Drafting the contract so that both parties benefit and reach a satisfactory agreement that is long-lasting, for the good of both.

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