How is the ideal house since the pandemic

This 2020 will mark a before and after in terms of the concept of how we want our ideal home to be.

At RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we are aware that since the arrival of the pandemic, there has been a shift in preferences when looking for a new home.

We have been forced to change our habits and customs, to spend more time at home and even to transfer to our interior activities that we previously carried out outside, from work to even sports.

These new circumstances have changed our idea of ​​home, which we had as that refuge where we can go after a hard day at work and now, it has suddenly become a place to work, study, play sports, relax and spend more time than we we did it. It is for all this, that at RE / MAXISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we have seen an increase in the demand for more spacious houses, giving more importance to some rooms than others.

Here is a list of the most significant changes that must be taken into account when renting or buying a home from now on.

-The first thing is to look for a house with a hall. In many of the recent constructions, it was a room that had been suppressed and is now in demand again. The reason why is very simple, since if you have a hall, you can leave everything you carry from abroad at the entrance, from footwear, jackets, bags, shopping ... until you disinfect yourself, counting for this a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser just enter.

-But if there is a room that from RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we consider that every house worth its salt must have, that an office. The need to telework has “forced” many families to improvise a room in which to work, full of distractions, not very spacious and poorly organized. This is why a house with an office is essential today.

-And if the work area is essential, what can we say about enjoying open-air spaces. We have all suffered the confinement of March with anguish of not being able to go out to take the air or that the sun would shine on us. Therefore, the demand for outdoor patios or gardens has grown a lot. In addition, from RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we know that it will be your ideal place to disconnect and carry out your favourite sport, read or simply take the air, free of annoying masks. If this is not possible, many people are content to have a balcony or terrace where they can go outside, but without going out.

-From the point of view of leisure, how would you like to have a home theatre? For those who are very cinephiles and at home, a space where you can watch your favourite movie or series, with a good screen and comfortable sofas will make this room your favourite corner of the house.

-And we can't forget about the kitchen. Who hasn't given up practicing in the kitchen during the pandemic? Well, this has made many people want and look for a house with a good kitchen, well equipped and more spacious.

At RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we know that the real estate sector is always in constant evolution, but it must be recognized that this year especially, the tastes of those looking for a new home have changed radically. Whatever the house you are looking for, visit us and with our professionalism and experience, we will help you find it.

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