Get to sell your house without stress

For many people, the idea of ​​selling their home generates a series of doubts and also causes them overwhelm. From RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we know that making that decision entails facing a stressful task on many occasions.

All the pertinent steps that this process entails, from the visits of potential buyers, to the set-up of the house to make it more attractive and especially the dreaded paperwork, generate an overwhelming situation. If to this we add that sometimes time is short because its sale is urgent, the discomfort increases. That is why from RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we always recommend leaving it in the hands of our professionals who will give you peace of mind and confidence.

We know that selling is a complicated decision, but once the step is taken, with our management we will achieve the goal successfully. -The first thing we must consider is the price of the house and for this, we will carry out an appraisal to assess the condition of your house. -In addition, it is vital to know how the current situation of the real estate market is at the time of the sale.

To adjust the starting price of your home, at RE / MAXISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we will compare your home with other similar homes, both in terms of characteristics and the area in which it is located, in this way we will know what the average reference is from the market and thus not set an excessively high price, but not lower it too much, in order to guarantee that we ask for what is considered a fair price. -Once we are clear about the real value of your home, we will move on to what burdens the most, which is paperwork. It will be necessary to have all the pertinent documentation that we need, such as the Certificate of Habitability, the Property Registry, the Energy Efficiency Certificate, the IBI paid or the ITE (the Certificate of Technical Inspection of the Building) for the homes over 30 years old. From RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we are aware of the burden that the sale of your home generates by having to manage all the relevant procedures, hence putting yourself in our hands will be the best decision you can make.

Having everything ready, it is time to promote the home. This is key to getting the characteristics of your house to the maximum possible interested parties. To do this, you will have to take some high-quality photographs and videos, where you can show your house in an attractive way, so that the interested party has a first visual contact with your home, as a virtual visit. With good material, together with our wide portfolio of clients, our real estate portal and the essential social networks, your home will be highly visible. As you can see, it is not that bad either, as long as you leave it in our hands and it is that at RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we have the most important real estate network in the country, which should help you to be calm and so you don't get overwhelmed by such a decision. We take the opportunity to congratulate these particular holidays to all our clients.

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