Trust your home to a good real estate advisor

When you want to make a sale or rental of a home, you have to be clear that it is best to put yourself in the hands of professionals and not leave anything to improvisation. At RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we are real estate specialists and we are here to advise you on everything you need.

The importance of having a real estate advisor is a guarantee of success. In case you are not sure what it is, we tell you that a real estate advisor is a professional expert in home transactions and sales. Not only are they responsible for looking for the house that best suits your needs and possibilities, but they also serve as a link between the owner and the buyer, because in both cases, they tend to ignore all the procedures that must be carried out to ensure operation. They will even mediate the negotiation to satisfy both parties.

At RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària, we know that not everyone is a good real estate advisor and we believe that they must have qualities that we faithfully fulfill and therefore, we stand out from the rest.

· The main one is transparency.

A good real estate advisor must be clear, concise and transparent with his client, showing at all times, the real possibilities, both of purchase and sale and all the necessary procedures for the operation to reach a successful conclusion.

· You have to be kind, because during a buying and selling process, things will not always go the way you want and you must have empathy with the customer, in order to understand them better and know how to make a profit from the needs of each one.

· Another factor that at RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we consider important is patience. Good real estate management does not always take place in the short term and can last for a long time, until the negotiation comes to an end. You have to be patient and know in which parts of the deal you are willing to give in, as long as the sale takes place.

· In addition, you must be aware of the areas in which the properties are located and in turn, of all the bureaucratic procedures. This is where most customers get lost, since there are many paperwork involved in a home sale operation.

· Of course, extensive experience cannot be lacking. At RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària, we have been dedicated to the real estate sector for years and we know all the necessary tools to deal with any subject. The professionalism with which we have, makes the work we do have guarantees and of course, we will always defend the interests of our clients.

Therefore, what we try to achieve is to earn the trust of everyone who requires our services. At RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària, we are great real estate consultants and many satisfied clients have left our offices. If you are thinking of buying, selling or renting a home, do not hesitate and contact us.

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