Hey! Did you know that 60% of millennials believe that they would be somewhat confident deciding to buy a HOUSE after doing a 3D virtual tour? To add to the dramatic effect, did you know that 99% of millennials and 90% of baby boomers are looking for houses ONLINE?

Your house’s digital presence is EVERYTHING. 

In the post-covid and digitalization era, how your house looks online and, virtual tours have become keys to optimizing the selling process. 

The buying power of millennials is growing faster and faster. Since they are the first generation of digital natives, the presence of your house on the internet and social media has become a key factor in decision-making. 

Feeling excited? In this blog, we will dive into the world of digital marketing for housing and learn about the insight and new trends on this topic. 

Simple and clean style

Like what is said in the textbook of open house: keep it simple and clean! 

By saying keep your open-house simple, it means to have minimum objects shown in the photographs of your property. Also, don’t forget to remove personal objects, like family photos or anything that screams: this was my house. 

And most importantly: keep your house clean with natural light. A clean presence will make the house look much nicer and larger and give a great impression to potential buyers.

Get a clear shot of your property 

Consider the placement of your furniture and how they appear in your camera.

Feel free to redecorate your house to make the selfie of your property look nice. Take test photos and videos to ensure that your furniture is in place. 

Let the professionals work their magic 

Finding and paying for professional photographers is the best investment you could make for your property.

Hire a photographer specialized in shooting houses for 3D virtual tours and let them work their magic. You can ask your agent for recommendations for this type of photographer and other great suggestions to help you with this process. 

Maybe virtual staging?

Virtual staging is a cool technology that can digitally add furnishings to your space.

Several useful and professional online services can help you with virtual staging. From the ideas of professional interior designers to crafting your own digital furnishing, you can find these great tools on the internet. 

Download now our home staging free guide.

3D virtual tour, new trend!

3D virtual tour is a must-have feature for boosting your selling process.

The 3D virtual tour creates sensation of visiting the house online, which provides a better experience for potential buyers. In summary, a 3D virtual tour makes your house more real online. 

Creative description 

Words have special impacts; creative and attractive descriptions of your house will take your house’s appeal to the next level.

Do this by starting with a brief but creative description of your house, then guide the potential buyers through the house with your words. Try mentioning some brands of furniture (especially when they are luxury!), and the biggest advantage of your house (great zone, near transportation, friendly neighbours, great skyline view, etc). 

Share your home on the internet 

Now you are all set! With one click, you can share your offer with all the world! So don’t hesitate to do it.

Not only should your property be on housing platforms, but it should also be on social media, like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. 

Congratulations! You have learned some great ways to boost your home’s screen appeal. Apply your knowledge to practice, and you will get a better result than expected.

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