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What is Home Staging and why is it so important when selling your property?

What is Home Staging and why is it so important when selling your property?

Increasingly, in the real estate world you hear this expression, HOME STAGING, and it is that the competition between agencies and real estate agents is so overwhelming that you have to make a difference.

If an agent gives you this service, it will consist of decorating your home in a more attractive way with regard to photos, video and 3D tours, which will make selling your home easier.

The first impression is what counts, and this first impression is taken by buyers when they see a property published on a portal. It only takes about 20 seconds to view the photos to have the first impression defined. So, it is essential to take care of that moment.

And we go beyond photos, real estate experts agree that in the first 90 seconds of a visit, the buyer already knows roughly whether or not they like a home.

At RE / MAX Isla Blanca, we do Home Staging. Thanks to this, we get more interested parties and, therefore, more visits to the house. With this technique, we prepare the home by eliminating the owner’s most personal objects, such as photos, and we add objects in neutral colors that follow the latest trends in decoration. The furniture is redistributed to lighten the spaces and make them “cleaner” and of course, emphasis is placed on the different lighting points.

 In this way, we give the house a more renewed air, which attracts potential buyers and when they enter, they feel comfortable, in what would be “their home”.

According to the AHSE (Association of Home Staging Spain), in 2018, 60% of homes with Home Staging that were sold did so between 5% and 25% more than their initial value. And even more interesting, none were sold below the asking price.

In which specific cases is it more interesting to do Home Staging?

• If we are in a hurry to sell the house.

• If the house has been on the market for a long time and we cannot sell. We will do a rethinking of the image of the property.

• Provided that our floor does not present serious flaws or structural damage.

• If our house is empty. We can bring it to life with furniture and decoration objects quickly and without spending a lot of money for photos and videos.

• If it is a home that is too old and the decoration and furniture is decades old.

• If the house is of high standing. Highly recommended. Clients looking for a luxury apartment like to see the home with modern details that reflect their lifestyle.

If you plan to sell your property, keep these tips in mind.

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Consumption of household appliances in a house

Consumption of household appliances in a house

The Energy Efficiency label (EEE) that measures the scale of the consumption of an electrical appliance, has changed since last March 1, 2021, and with this, the categories A +++, A ++ and A + will no longer exist.

Consequently, appliances that were labeled A +++ will move to category C, while products currently marked with the A + label will change to yellow and the letter “D”.

This shows that the new system is much stricter, but it does not mean that these appliances have deteriorated, what it means is that achieving the maximum score is now much stricter and only available to very few today. This is expected to improve in the coming years.

From the European Commission it was proposed to review, optimize and simplify the labeling returning to the labels that go from “A” to “G”. Since March of this year, this labeling is mandatory only for dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines and will gradually be extended to other appliances.

Here are the devices that currently consume the most:

1.- Refrigerator

It never disconnects, so it is the one that consumes the most. According to Red Eléctrica de España (REE), the refrigerator represents 14% of the total energy in the home, which translates into an annual cost of € 26.02.

2.- TV

We spend too much time in front of this device, according to Statista data, in 2020 we Spaniards spent an average of 4 hours watching television, and this reaches an energy consumption of up to 10%. Not leaving it on standby when not in use is the most effective measure to save some energy.

3.- Washing machine

A family of four that puts four washing machines a week on average will be facing an annual expense of € 38.92 for using this appliance. The most interesting thing is that 80% of the expense of the washing machine occurs when heating the water, which is why it is so important to wash clothes at a low temperature to control this consumption

4.- Dryer

The dryer outperforms the washing machine in consumption. If on average a family puts four dryers a week, they will pay around € 46.95 per year. The advice to reduce the consumption of this appliance is that the clothes arrive as less wet as possible, that is, spin well in the washing machine.

5.- Oven

It is not lacking in almost any home, but its consumption reaches up to € 22.47 per year since heat generation is what consumes the most electricity in an appliance. Therefore, the trick to save is to take good advantage of the residual heat and turn off the oven during the last minutes of cooking a dish and avoid opening the door while it works so that no heat comes out.

6.- Dishwasher

History repeats itself, what makes the dishwasher use more energy is heating the water. A family with four members will spend around € 23.63 per year. The saving tips in this case are to use the ECO program that all dishwashers have today, clean filters and do proper maintenance.

7.- Small appliances

All the small appliances that generate heat, such as the microwave, the coffee maker, the vacuum cleaner or the iron are those that produce the most consumption. These small electrical appliances, according to RED ELÉCTRICA DE ESPAÑA, represent 27% of the total energy expenditure of a home.

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From the moment you decide to put your house up for sale, there are a series of steps that you must follow, but if there is a necessary first action that you must do and we know a lot about this, it is to carry out an Appraisal.

Appraising your house is nothing more than an evaluation to determine its real value, to know how much we can sell it for. This appraisal must be carried out by a qualified professional, we have a professional team that is in charge of doing it, issuing a document, in order to fix the value of your home, following established criteria.

It is valid for six months and a cost that must be borne by the customer, which is usually around € 400 approximately.

There are several reasons apart from the purchase and sale, to carry out an appraisal, for example:

· Commercial negotiations

Marital division and inheritances

Dissolution or distribution of businesses


Granting of mortgages

Having this document will allow the bank to establish the amount that they will be able to finance a potential buyer, although normally it does not usually exceed 80% of the appraisal value.

To carry out a fair appraisal, there are several stipulated and regulated factors on which the appraiser must rely.

These factors are common to all homes, regardless of the appraiser who carries them out, and are as follows:

-The location of the house will allow us to know the market value of the area.

Carry out a study of the area, evaluating the schools that are nearby, if public transport arrives, nearby hospitals, commercial premises … in our case, the properties we have.

-The state in which the house is located.

Analyze if there is any damage to the structure, any damage to the construction materials, maintenance and their age (the older, the lower the value).

-The size.

The total area, the distribution, the number of rooms and bathrooms, as well as the rooms available must be taken into account. We have homes of all sizes.

-Energy efficiency.

Based on the official energy certificate that the house has, the price to be registered is higher or lower. The higher the energy certification, the higher the valuation you will get.

Therefore, if you are thinking of selling your house, you should come and we will advise you on everything that concerns the appraisal, our professionals will visit your house, make a plan and take pictures of it, we will verify that the registry property is correct and that There is no urban illegality, to finally put a real price on your home. Do not hesitate and visit us.

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If you are the owner of a home, which is unoccupied, surely you have considered on many occasions (and if not, it is time) to get an extra return. When you have finally decided to rent that house that you have empty, we know that many fears arise about what will happen if the tenant does not pay me, if there are damages in the house, if there is any breach of the contract … It is normal that generate those doubts and fears, because nowadays, many cases are heard in which the rent does not go as the owner would have wanted.

Therefore, we are going to guide you so that the rental of your home is done in a safe and quiet way.

First of all, you have to establish what is the starting price that you want to put on your home. You must do a study to find out what situation the real estate market is in for rent. We propose you to make a comparison of the prices in homes similar to yours and in the area in which it is located, in order to offer a price as adjusted as possible, to be able to compete with the rest of properties that are in the same situation as yours. A reasonable price makes it more attractive and increases the likelihood that your house will be rented.

The next thing is, pay close attention to who you want to rent your house. You will have to make a careful selection of the tenant, to avoid future problems. Do not hesitate to request all the possible data of the person concerned, to check their solvency, even if necessary, do some research on them to make sure they are the correct person. To do this, you must ask for the DNI and a work contract or payroll, to see their job stability. You can request, for your peace of mind, additional guarantees, such as, for example, in addition to a deposit, claim one or two monthly payments in advance and even a guarantee, personal (that another person guarantees the tenant’s payments) or bank (that a financial institution, respond to possible outstanding debts). Of course, we can assure you that the perfect tenant does not exist, you must take it into account.

Another aspect to assess to guarantee your peace of mind is that the tenant takes out insurance for non-payments or damage to the home, thus covering any unforeseen event that may arise during the duration of the rental contract.

We advise you to carry out the entire deal, face to face, so you can know first-hand what that interested person is like and begin to create a relationship between tenant and owner, that for the good of both, it lasts over time. For that, you must also respond as a landlord, to all the obligations that correspond to you, because having a happy tenant will make them more careful and responsible.

Make sure that the house is in perfect condition and make the tenant understand that, as far as possible, it remains as you have left it, if it happens that they have to leave your home, at the end of the contract.

Finally, you must write a good contract, which clearly states the rental conditions, from the price to the duration, including the responsibilities that correspond to both parties and their possible consequences in the event of non-compliance. Even do an inventory and take pictures of how the house is before the rental, to compare it when the tenant leaves.

We recommend that you put yourself in the hands of professionals like us, to carry out all these procedures. We will advise and manage the entire process in a personalized way, listening to your needs and treating the possible tenant, in a close way. Drafting the contract so that both parties benefit and reach a satisfactory agreement that is long-lasting, for the good of both.

Do not hesitate and visit us. I waited for you

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How to prevent heat from escaping from inside your home.

How to prevent heat from escaping from inside your home.

We are cold and we all like to have a warm environment inside our homes.

But from RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza, we know that for this to be possible, we must prevent the heat from escaping from home.

In addition to the warmth, it is also convenient to pay attention to the energy and economic savings that you will not waste the heat you have inside the house.

At RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza we know different ways to prevent the heat from escaping from home and it is that with a few simple acts, you will see how you achieve it.

· A good resource is to place rugs in different rooms of the house. Something that may seem so insignificant, will bring a warm touch to your home, making it not lose temperature through the floor, since with poor insulation between 5% and 10% of heat can escape. The model, the colour and the material will depend on your tastes.

· If you need to paint your house, you can opt for thermal paint, capable of forming a layer of insulation that will allow you to save on heating.

· From RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza we also recommend insulating your walls using corks and natural resins, which, in addition to the cold, isolate acoustically. Another option in terms of walls is to install a wooden baseboard, which will prevent the temperature from going through the walls, which is usually around 20% heat.

We move on to textiles. As with rugs, a good sofa cover will make the feeling of being warmer even more noticeable. To this must be added having a pair of sofa blankets on hand that allows you to cover yourself at any given moment. As for the bedrooms, for you to notice a warm atmosphere, you should use warm sheets and use a duvet, which will prevent you from losing the feeling of heat that it gives you while you sleep.

From RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza we recommend you not to forget the windows, one of the main escape routes from the heat. A bad choice of both the windows and the glass will make you lose between 25% and 30% of the heat, so you should choose PVC windows that are the ones that protect the most from the cold and possibly they are hinged, since that its closure is more hermetic than the slides.

In addition, add a thick glass that lets in the outside heat and prevents a temperature leak.

Finally, good curtains to dress these windows will considerably reduce heat loss.

If you follow these tips that we have given you from RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza, you can enjoy total warmth throughout the cold season.

For any real estate questions that may arise at any time, contact us and we will be at your disposal.

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Give yourself the pleasure of opening a new home.

Give yourself the pleasure of opening a new home.

Today, there is a wide catalogue of homes for sale, but most are second-hand. Since the brick boom, there are few new home developments, but if you look, you can find them. At RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza, we have some brand new housing developments, which are some advantages over second-hand homes.

We are going to focus on what are the advantages of opening a new home.

Although it is true that second-hand work in the last decade has become the most demanded option, little by little, new houses are recovering lost ground.

-The pleasure that gives a brand new house is comparable to very few things. One of the main reasons why a new home is chosen is to know that it is ready to move into, without having to carry out any reform. Compared to a second-hand home, it is quite likely that some type of work will have to be done to adapt to our comforts, mostly due to its age.

-Another advantage than in RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza

We see to get you a new home, it is that they are technically better, the finishes are usually superior, both in materials, supplies, and in the use of new technologies both in construction procedures and in the adaptation to our home, achieving a greater comfort. In turn, energy efficiency systems are used, which in addition to providing economic savings, will also make your home a sustainable and respectful place.

-Undoubtedly, from RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza

We believe that the biggest advantage that buyers opt for a new home is the ease of customization. Normally, all clients are involved in the construction of the house, offering numerous alternatives, so that the house is to their liking, so they will get a totally personalized and adapted home, depending on the tastes of each one.

-In addition, new projects usually include not only the part of the house that is the one that is going to be inhabited, but also a lot of effort is put into carrying out common spaces, which will facilitate the comfort and convenience of the entire enclave . At RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza, we know that more and more, complexes are often surrounded by gardens, sports and children’s courts, swimming pools and other extras, which make living together a pleasure.

-And no, for less important, is the economic issue. Although it is true that the prices can be somewhat high, this type of housing offers greater financing facilities, which adapt to the economy and the time of each client, adjusting to the maximum, the quotas so that you can live in your new house, do not suppose an economic ordeal.

So, if you are thinking of buying a new-build home, don’t forget to stop by RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and we will find yours, among the available promotions.

We will wait for you !

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How is the ideal house since the pandemic.

How is the ideal house since the pandemic.

This 2020 will mark a before and after in terms of the concept of how we want our ideal home to be.

At RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we are aware that since the arrival of the pandemic, there has been a shift in preferences when looking for a new home.

We have been forced to change our habits and customs, to spend more time at home and even to transfer to our interior activities that we previously carried out outside, from work to even sports.

These new circumstances have changed our idea of ​​home, which we had as that refuge where we can go after a hard day at work and now, it has suddenly become a place to work, study, play sports, relax and spend more time than we we did it. It is for all this, that at RE / MAXISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we have seen an increase in the demand for more spacious houses, giving more importance to some rooms than others.

Here is a list of the most significant changes that must be taken into account when renting or buying a home from now on.

-The first thing is to look for a house with a hall. In many of the recent constructions, it was a room that had been suppressed and is now in demand again. The reason why is very simple, since if you have a hall, you can leave everything you carry from abroad at the entrance, from footwear, jackets, bags, shopping … until you disinfect yourself, counting for this a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser just enter.

-But if there is a room that from RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we consider that every house worth its salt must have, that an office. The need to telework has “forced” many families to improvise a room in which to work, full of distractions, not very spacious and poorly organized. This is why a house with an office is essential today.

-And if the work area is essential, what can we say about enjoying open-air spaces. We have all suffered the confinement of March with anguish of not being able to go out to take the air or that the sun would shine on us. Therefore, the demand for outdoor patios or gardens has grown a lot. In addition, from RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we know that it will be your ideal place to disconnect and carry out your favourite sport, read or simply take the air, free of annoying masks. If this is not possible, many people are content to have a balcony or terrace where they can go outside, but without going out.

-From the point of view of leisure, how would you like to have a home theatre? For those who are very cinephiles and at home, a space where you can watch your favourite movie or series, with a good screen and comfortable sofas will make this room your favourite corner of the house.

-And we can’t forget about the kitchen. Who hasn’t given up practicing in the kitchen during the pandemic? Well, this has made many people want and look for a house with a good kitchen, well equipped and more spacious.

At RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we know that the real estate sector is always in constant evolution, but it must be recognized that this year especially, the tastes of those looking for a new home have changed radically. Whatever the house you are looking for, visit us and with our professionalism and experience, we will help you find it.

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Get to sell your house without stress.

Get to sell your house without stress.

For many people, the idea of ​​selling their home generates a series of doubts and also causes them overwhelm. From RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we know that making that decision entails facing a stressful task on many occasions. All the pertinent steps that this process entails, from the visits of potential buyers, to the set-up of the house to make it more attractive and especially the dreaded paperwork, generate an overwhelming situation. If to this we add that sometimes time is short because its sale is urgent, the discomfort increases. That is why from RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we always recommend leaving it in the hands of our professionals who will give you peace of mind and confidence. We know that selling is a complicated decision, but once the step is taken, with our management we will achieve the goal successfully. -The first thing we must consider is the price of the house and for this, we will carry out an appraisal to assess the condition of your house. -In addition, it is vital to know how the current situation of the real estate market is at the time of the sale. To adjust the starting price of your home, at RE / MAXISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we will compare your home with other similar homes, both in terms of characteristics and the area in which it is located, in this way we will know what the average reference is from the market and thus not set an excessively high price, but not lower it too much, in order to guarantee that we ask for what is considered a fair price. -Once we are clear about the real value of your home, we will move on to what burdens the most, which is paperwork. It will be necessary to have all the pertinent documentation that we need, such as the Certificate of Habitability, the Property Registry, the Energy Efficiency Certificate, the IBI paid or the ITE (the Certificate of Technical Inspection of the Building) for the homes over 30 years old. From RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we are aware of the burden that the sale of your home generates by having to manage all the relevant procedures, hence putting yourself in our hands will be the best decision you can make. Having everything ready, it is time to promote the home. This is key to getting the characteristics of your house to the maximum possible interested parties. To do this, you will have to take some high-quality photographs and videos, where you can show your house in an attractive way, so that the interested party has a first visual contact with your home, as a virtual visit. With good material, together with our wide portfolio of clients, our real estate portal and the essential social networks, your home will be highly visible. As you can see, it is not that bad either, as long as you leave it in our hands and it is that at RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we have the most important real estate network in the country, which should help you to be calm and so you don’t get overwhelmed by such a decision. We take the opportunity to congratulate these particular holidays to all our clients.

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Society is constantly changing and even more so since the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic.

At RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we have appreciated that the real estate sector has been forced to reinvent itself and one of the actions that has arisen due to this new situation so that the relations between owners and tenants are not harmed , has been the implementation in many of the rental contracts of a clause, given the possibility of another state of alarm or confinement. This is the Covid clause, an annex in the contracts that both the owner and the tenant agree on the conditions of the lease in the event of a state of alarm.

And it is that in RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we know that in the previous state of alarm, the rental contracts brought both the owners and the tenants upside down, for not knowing what to do with the contract. Some for not being able to pay by having to fail to comply by leaving the house to return to their cities of origin and others for not being able to receive the amount agreed upon at the signing of the contract prior to confinement.

With this annex, what is intended is that the relationship between both parties is more cordial and is that one of the benefits of this clause is that the tenant can leave the house without any penalty in exchange for the owner being able to have of the house, to rent it again.

To clarify this situation a little more, from RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we tell you in which cases this clause can be applied:

· The clearest case is that when a new State of Alarm is declared, the tenant may terminate the contract without any penalty. For example, this can happen in student flats, since with the alarm state, if they do not go to the university, it does not make sense to keep the flat.

Another case that can occur after the new state of alarm is that the rental price is lowered to an amount agreed by both parties, such as 40% or even payment can be suspended for the duration of the state of alarm. This is more focused on rentals of premises dedicated to commerce or hospitality.

And it is that in RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we have seen that the real estate sector has faced various scenarios, from people who wanted to leave, others who wanted to extend the contract and those who after being affected by an ERTE or dismissal they couldn’t afford the rent.

Therefore, from RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we consider that the Covid clause is interesting, since it makes the tenant have more security when deciding to rent, which will encourage people to take risks knowing that they are protected before what may come.

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When you want to make a sale or rental of a home, you have to be clear that it is best to put yourself in the hands of professionals and not leave anything to improvisation. At RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we are real estate specialists and we are here to advise you on everything you need.

The importance of having a real estate advisor is a guarantee of success. In case you are not sure what it is, we tell you that a real estate advisor is a professional expert in home transactions and sales. Not only are they responsible for looking for the house that best suits your needs and possibilities, but they also serve as a link between the owner and the buyer, because in both cases, they tend to ignore all the procedures that must be carried out to ensure operation. They will even mediate the negotiation to satisfy both parties.

At RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària, we know that not everyone is a good real estate advisor and we believe that they must have qualities that we faithfully fulfill and therefore, we stand out from the rest.

· The main one is transparency.

A good real estate advisor must be clear, concise and transparent with his client, showing at all times, the real possibilities, both of purchase and sale and all the necessary procedures for the operation to reach a successful conclusion.

· You have to be kind, because during a buying and selling process, things will not always go the way you want and you must have empathy with the customer, in order to understand them better and know how to make a profit from the needs of each one.

· Another factor that at RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària we consider important is patience. Good real estate management does not always take place in the short term and can last for a long time, until the negotiation comes to an end. You have to be patient and know in which parts of the deal you are willing to give in, as long as the sale takes place.

· In addition, you must be aware of the areas in which the properties are located and in turn, of all the bureaucratic procedures. This is where most customers get lost, since there are many paperwork involved in a home sale operation.

· Of course, extensive experience cannot be lacking. At RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària, we have been dedicated to the real estate sector for years and we know all the necessary tools to deal with any subject. The professionalism with which we have, makes the work we do have guarantees and of course, we will always defend the interests of our clients.

Therefore, what we try to achieve is to earn the trust of everyone who requires our services. At RE / MAX ISLA BLANCA in Ibiza and Santa Eulària, we are great real estate consultants and many satisfied clients have left our offices. If you are thinking of buying, selling or renting a home, do not hesitate and contact us.

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